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Immunity Boost Blend Essential Oil, 10ml

Immunity Boost Blend Essential Oil, 10ml


REVIVE Immunity Boost is a proprietary blend of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary Essential Oils.


Clean Surfaces

Purify Air

Boost Immunity

6 Ways to Use Immunity Boost


1.Mix with a carrier oil and apply to the soles of your feet to support the immune system, especially during the cold and flu season.

2. Mix with water and use to wipe down floors, surfaces, and countertops.

3. Add a few drops to your dishwater or dishwasher to eliminate odors and boost cleaning.

4. Diffuse it around the classroom or in your home to neutralize the air from strong odors.

5. Add a drop of Immunity Boost and a spoonful of raw honey to a warm cup of water. Enjoy in the morning or anytime you need a boost.

6. Diffuse 6–8 drops to help create a cozy, peaceful environment. Make your house smell like fresh baked cookies.


REVIVE Immunity Boost is a proprietary blend of Eugenia caryophyllata (Clove) Bud Oil, Citrus limon (Lemon) Peel Oil, Cinnamomum zeylanicum (Cinnamon) Bark Oil, Eucalyptus globulus (Eucalyptus) Leaf Oil, Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil


All of REVIVE’s Oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade, free from any additives, adulterants, fillers, synthetics, or dilutions. They are of the highest quality. 

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